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We bet you are already familiar with the term “House Concerts”.

A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a small theatre, a library, a shop, a living room, a church, and so on.

Boutique Concerts by OME is a series of elegant, exclusive, intimate and chic home concerts. Invite-only performances, played in hand-picked spaces to cheerful, attentive and respectful audiences.

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OME means “two” in Nahuatl.

More than a duo, it is a concept. It is the creative world of self taught composers, record producers, recording artists, arrangers, writers and singers/songwriters Paola Treviño Todd & Rodrigo Garcia MZ.

Their musical creations are characterized by the combination of operatic, ethereal and ethnic voices, along with unusual harmonies, electronic sounds, orchestral elements, pre-Hispanic instruments, guitars and instruments of the world.

OME likes to utilize and combine all kinds of instruments and sounds and has worked with different genres of music in order to materialize their passions and release their creativity.

Welcome to OME World. A World Without Limits.



Paola Treviño


Rodrigo Garcia


Aztec Myths & Legends: A Narrated Concert by OME


Visit OME’s Official Website!



08:00 PM

Make Friends

by You, Friends & OME

08:15 PM

Sit Back & Enjoy The Music

by OME

08:30 PM

La Despedida

by Everybody

9:30 PM

Let The Venue Rest

10:00 PM


One Great Night

An intimate evening filled with music and stories.

An intimate performance where the listeners can travel back in time and get to know more closely the Aztec civilization by getting acquainted with their myths and legends alongside a hint of history, storytelling, and epic music.

People Like You

Every Boutique Concert by OME is an opportunity to make new friends!

Like-minded people who share the love for music, storytelling, live intimate and exclusive events, and of course, OME!




Exclusive Content

No Boutique Concert by OME is quite like the other. Every once in a while, you will get to hear live new releases from OME before anyone else, different and unique versions of their songs, have access to exclusive web content, downloads and giveaways!

A Respectful and Attentive Audience

People like you who enjoy going to a concert to listen.


Read what the previous attendees had to say!


Some of the Boutique Concerts by OME allow guests to donate the amount of money they are comfortable with to attend a Boutique Concert by OME experience. Every contribution will go directly to the musicians and their staff.

Join Us!

Apply if you wish to Attend a

Boutique Concert by OME

Apply If you wish to Host a

Boutique Concert by OME

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend a Boutique Concert?

These events are exclusive and guests will be attending by invitation-only. Each person wishing to attend must pre-register and apply. Once the application is approved, guests will receive an invitation to attend a Boutique Concert by OME, they will then have to confirm they are attending, are able to select a +1 if required, and donate the amount they are comfortable with for their tickets to attend a Boutique Concert by OME experience.

How many people can attend a Boutique Concert?

Depending on the location each Boutique Concert by OME will be different, but since they are meant to be intimate there will always be between 15 to 50 people.

Where do the Boutique Concerts take place?

Each Boutique Concert by OME will take place in a different location. Sometimes in houses, coffee shops, small theaters, churches and so on; They can even take place at your home! If you wish to Host a Boutique Concert, let us know!

I applied to attend but did not receive an invitation

Space is limited. If you do not receive an invitation right away, don’t give up! We will add you to the wait list and will immediately let you know when a spot opens up, either to the concert you applied for, or for other Boutique Concert performances that will take place in the nearby future.

I got an invite, but where is the venue?

Once you receive an invitation, within a few days from the event, the location of the Boutique Concert by OME will be revealed to you via email.

We are very cautious about revealing the location of the event, specially when they take place at a private home. Don’t worry! You will know in time where to go.

How To Host a Boutique Concert by OME

To host a Boutique Concert by OME, you must pre-register your home address and will be required to fill some details about the space and yourself in an application form, which will be kept confidential for security reasons.

Unfortunately, not every application will be successful for it has to meet every security guideline and standard for a Boutique Concert to take place.



Fill the form below to get directions to our event location

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USA / México

Time: 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

The World




Boutique Concerts Info

USA: (915) 242-7824

Mexico: +1 52 55 21776277



If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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